Are you suggesting that I should delete my contacts from my smart phone?

Not at all.  We all have information strewn across a variety of places…  smart phones, PC’s, even filing cabinets.  MyFamilyPlan is a single, shared, digital repository where all family members can access information.  So, copy what you think is most valuable to MyFamilyPlan and free up some smartphone resources for other functions.

And possibly more important…  you can collaborate with family members (think Facebook feed) directly on any contact record and never lose family conversations!

How can I be sure my data is safe?

MyFamilyPlan is built on the world’s leading Platform as a Service (PaaS).  This exact technology is used by over 90% of the world’s largest corporations for many of their most mission critical applications.  Your family will benefit from over 18 years of security innovation designed to protect the data of some of the world’s largest companies and most popular brands.

Should I have an concerns about my Children using MyFamilyPlan?

Nope!  Once you have made the decision to allow your young child to “play” with a WiFi connected device, then it is not only OK…  it is your best opportunity to begin teaching your child valuable technology and social media skills.  MFP Junior gives your newest smartphone users access only to FamChat, your family’s private social feed.  They can safely learn to communicate online with Mom and Dad.  And you can feel confident that all of their actions are completely secure in an environment that you control.

Wow! It looks like MyFamilyPlan is actually more than one application. Is this the case?

MyFamilyPlan is a single application that parents control and can configure into multiple combinations of functionality and data access.   From a “user profile” perspective we have segmented access into three levels; Parents, Teens, and Junior.  As Parents, you determine whether your child is a “Teen” or “Junior” user, based on your child’s skills and maturity.