Children Need to be Taught Healthy Uses of Technology

Enable Family Connection

With FamPlan, we apply the same technologies that currently isolate family members, to successfully draw you closer together.

Empower Parents

At MyFamilyPlan, it is our mission to provide parents with the Information, Best Practices and Tools they need to lead Healthy & Happy Families.

Prepare Digital Children

Our children are the first generation in history to grow up with Smartphones.  We must teach them to use them responsibly.

“Family is not an important thing… It is EVERYTHING!”

~ Michael J Fox

“Happiness” is the Goal!

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…  As Leaders of busy Families, how do we know we are focused on the right “stuff”?  One idea is to measure how “Happy” each family member is.  As a result, a possible Family Motto might be “Our Family is Happy!”  Has a nice ring to it, right.  But, it’s missing something.

As Parents, we also understand that we must teach our children to look to the future.  So, let’s add a qualifier… “Both Now and in the Future”.  And, presto!  We now have an easy to remember (think “Kids”) and very useful Family Motto…   


“Both Now and in the Future… Our Family is Happy!”


At MyFamilyPlan, our mission is to provide the Information, Best Practices and Tools Families need to stay focused on life’s pursuits that most contribute to Happiness… Family & Friends, (relationships), and Fun (experiences).  We call this “Do More Happy”!  Of course, staying focused on the good stuff can be difficult without access to adequate resources.  We call the effective management of Education, Health, and Wealth, “Control the Chaos!”

Do More Happy!

Control the Chaos!

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

~ Jim Rohn

Our Founders

At MyFamilyPlan, we want to provide families with the best opportunity to achieve their dreams and be as happy as possible. Over the past twenty years, raising children and pursuing careers, we have personally tried more “family effectiveness” strategies than we can remember. In fact, there is no shortage of amazing people in the world who provide advice and methodologies on what you can think and do to become happy. Each of us has drawn inspiration from these experts and we encourage you to do the same.

Having said this, we came to realize that there were no effective tools available to both effectively communicate and track the information necessary to keep our families marching toward their goals. We decided to put our heads together and come up with a solution!

Will Jackson

Founder & Chief Dad

  • Salesforce User – 17+ Years
  • Former Dell & Salesforce GAM
  • Four Children Ages 11-18
  • Columbia University
  • Masters in International Marketing

Lance Botkin

Founder & Head Coach

  • Educator & Coach – 20+ Years
  • Current School Board Member
  • Four Children Ages 6-17
  • Masters in Education
  • TASB Master Trustee

Corinna Rogers

Creative Director & Dream Maker

  • Author, Publisher, and Techie
  • Favorite Auntie of nine Wonderkids
  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • Masters in Marketing
  • Expert in all things Figureoutable

Lori Miller

Head Marketing Guru

  • Owner of a Digital Marketing Agency
  • Household COO – Wife to a wonderful husband & Mom to an amazing teen
  • Social media manager/SEO marketer/blogger
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management
  • Organizer Extraordinaire

We Are

Moms & Dads, Aunts & Uncles, Sons & Daughters, and Sisters & Brothers


Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and a broad range of expertise to MyFamilyPlan.  We are Technologists, Coaches, Educators, Business Leaders, School Board Members, Scout Masters, Authors and Child Development Specialists.