Family Connection Crisis

Our Children are Losing “Connection”


Today’s teenagers are the first generation in history to be raised as “Digital Natives”, smartphones in hand, technology available at any time.  Unfortunately, this does not translate into being exceptional communicators and has resulted in many young people who find it difficult to build personal connections.


Kids find themselves glued to their screens when they should be out learning new skills and developing relationships.  Technology addiction is considered by many to be this generation’s “drug of choice”.  And unfortunately, technology providers are only making matters worse.  In their ever-earnest competition for our attention, they have found it necessary to include increasingly habit forming features in their products.  As a result, their users become more “dependent” on their technology.  And, they are subsequently becoming poorer communicators, more anxious, less productive, and generally less happy.

From Chaos to Happy

FamPlan Connects Parents & Children Through Better Communication


Keeping your family communicating and your household running smoothly in today’s chaotic world can be a daunting challenge.  Work-life balance, having a little fun, and making sure the kids get where they need to be…  sometimes it’s amazing we get anything done at all!


Add smart-phones and social media to the mix, and it has become obvious that a new approach is necessary.  The days of phone calls, paper calendars, and single-function apps that each family member accesses separately are over. Fortunately, FamPlan has been specifically designed to support your family as a team as you work together to “Control of the Chaos” and “Do More Happy”!


To Communicate 

effectively, we must understand each others motivations.  FamPlan links all your information

via a Private Feed


Organize all of your digital information…  People, Groups, Documents, and so much more!


Family Calendar & Tasks to ensure everyone knows exactly when and where they are supposed to be.


Setting Goals is the first step in maximizing our effectiveness. And, sharing our goals creates accountability.